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Phil 21, North London Carpenter West Ham Season Ticket Holder

Great tear up between Murray and Crolla, hats off to them.

RIP Dylan Tombides.
Cancer is a bastard
Skins and Casuals have a tear up

hooliganbroome replied to your post: So there’s a post on here circulating …

Wot Fuckin numpty would write or say that ?

Hipsters, muppets who think they’re being alternative. The sort of people that hang around stepney and shoreditch because they think it makes them look cool

So there’s a post on here circulating where all these people are basically saying “meh, hitler was a good bloke really.”

There are some really silly fucking cunts on this site…

Looks like they’re happy on merseyside

Rangers display at the Scottish Cup semi final against Dundee. C’mon give us a trip to Parkhead
Lee Brilleaux